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Staunch Global is an International/Foreign Trading firm, headquartered in Canada.

Assisting Businesses with:

  • Commodity Trading

  • Export/Import

  • Shipping & Logistics

Reliable Platform for your business requisite

Connecting business on an intercontinental platform by promoting recyclable resources with a customer-focused approach. We at Staunch Global go miles and continuously evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of a thriving world market. We are setting our benchmarks by adapting market dynamics, Optimizing Quality standards, and essential requirements of our customers with value chain coordination. We are accountable to our clients thus, trying our best by operating efficiently to minimize risk and cost. Read more.

As a true-blue multinational corporation, we specialize in various industries.

Staunch Global has developed significant competence to identify and analyze quality products for all your business requirements and gradings that will withhold appeal and demand in the international trade market. We have worldwide connections with End Sellers, Reputable Buyers, Genuine processors, and manufacturers. We deal in various merchandise and strive to meet our client expectations, Our ability to manage large volumes indeed offers long-term and secure close collaborations. Read more